What to do during lower base or easier rides…

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What to do during lower base or easier rides…

Depending on your targets you might be doing some longer, steadier, easier and sometimes more boring rides, commonly known as base miles. But what can you do on these rides? I’m not an advocate of anything that distracts you from the road so no in ear music. But there is still numerous things that you can do, which will actually help you reach your goals sooner.


Focus points:

Position – are you holding the position of your last bike fit? Are you keeping core stable & allowing transfer of power through legs?

Feeding & Hydration – do you know your fuel strategy off by heart, do you remember to do it?

Pacing – are you comfortable with your pacing plan, do you know the difference in feel better comfortable & going too hard or easy?

Technique – are you comfortable with all the required techniques for your event, is there anything you need to brush up on; pedalling, riding no handed, eating & drinking on the bike, cornering, climbing, descending, anything?



There is a massive amount of enjoyment that comes with cycling, if you’re not enjoying it then you’re doing something wrong! Think about why you started and what your why is but if you’re simply dreading this rethink your training as this could be a warning sign of fatigue. You might still reach your goals without these easier, longer rides, you just need to maximise the potential through other methods.



Yes cycling can be an opportunity to meet new people and form new friends. It could even be an opportunity to better yourself or meet a new client. Some networking groups are now being formed around rides, check one out and you might find your next client. Join a club! Be around like minded people.

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