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What’s the most frustrating part of trying a new nutritional or energy product? For me it’s got to be risking buying a case on the chance that you might not like it. You either had to just go for it and take a chance or try to find it in a shop, harder than it sounds as shops all tend to have similar products. Enter Totally Fuelled… A service that breaks down cases so you only have to purchase one at a time.


Totally Fuelled aren’t offering any new products but an entirely new service that is such a great idea it’s a wonder why it’s not come along sooner! There’s basically two options. The first is that you can just place a one off order built up of a wide range of individual products, the second a monthly subscription perfect so you always have a supply of your favourite items. The website is user friendly and once you have placed your order it’s dispatched quickly and I received mine within a couple of days.


They currently have products from 8 manufacturers available, some very mainstream ones, plus one that I’m going to be honest and say I’d never heard of! The products range from gels and chews through to bars and recovery products so pretty much everything you need to fuel your training. You can also get training plans, although sadly not mine! Plus pre-built boxes and of course, as I mentioned above, you can subscribe so you never forget to stock up!


This is a new concept but I’m sure it will catch on. I’d like to see more lines added, which Gavin the owner, assures me that once a line is added they will keep it as a permanent addition. I think there’s an opportunity to add really obscure lines too, something that interests me a lot. The idea of having one supplier of almost every nutritional line available without the cost of buying in bulk is really appealing. I’m certain that as the customer base grows the lines will too.


Another factor I like is it’s very simple. There’s no ordering from all over the place, no travelling to get anything. If you go with the subscription option you don’t even have to think about it! I’m sure the prospect of never having to worry about rushing somewhere to pick up some items before a race or time trial doesn’t just impress me!


But it all means nothing if the prices are too high… But in fact the prices are really competitive. Of the few products I checked against other retailers they were only slightly more expensive, which is very impressive given the buying power of the larger online stores. It is certainly far cheaper than buying individually from your local bike store or even supermarket. If you then factor in the costs of going and getting the products yourself or the shipping from multiple online retailers it’s probably the cheaper option!

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