Top 10 Winter Riding Tips

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Top 10 Winter Riding Tips

As it gets colder there is an increase of illness or injury. Here are my top ten tips for riding in the cold, feel free to message me if you think I’ve missed any:

  1. Layers. Put multiple layers on, will keep you warmer and will give you an option to take off should you overheat
  2. Spare Layers. A rain jacket, a waterproof layer can be useful even if it’s not raining as it’ll keep you toasty in the cold. Keep it in your jersey pocket just in case
  3. Overshoes. Decent ones that will insulate and keep dry. The latter is very important as wet feet will get very cold very quickly. Think about doubling up on socks too
  4. Gloves. Get a quality pair as your hands are right at the front of your bike and in the wind, they also don’t move much so will get suffer with inadequate ones
  5. Face. Cover it! Use a buff or face mask or your skin will take a battering in the cold air. Also you’ll do your throat and lungs a favour by not breathing cold air deeply
  6. Be Prepared. This is a no brainier all year round but take money, phone and anything you might need to get rescued or buy a hot drink if you get caught out
  7. Be Sensible. Is it really a good idea to do a hilly ride or a route through lanes where the sun can’t reach them during an icy spell, no
  8. Bike. Swap some components on your bike, wheels, tyres, ride a different bike or keep off the road if it’s too bad
  9. Turbo. It’s what they’re invented for! If it’s dangerous out stay indoors, apps like Zwift make longer rides inside more bearable
  10. Warm-Up. Always ensure you are adequately warm enough for the ride or session. No big geared efforts with cold knees

Think before you ride, don’t risk your health in pursuit of fitness!

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