A recent failed A event from a good friend and client prompted me to write this. Some of them might seem like common sense but it’s easy to make the mistake of doing something stupid the day before your big event. Here’s my top 10 things NOT to do the day before your target event:



  1. Doing Nothing – this will surprise some people but actually I don’t know anyone who performs better the day after complete rest. Some form of day before routine is essential. Just don’t leave it until the day before the event to develop, use smaller events and testing to do this. Once you’re settled on what works do not change it the day before target races!


  1. Eat Junk – fairly common sense but is easy to mess this up if you’re travelling to an event or with mates. Eat a decent meal, don’t go over the top and try to limit the amount of fats which will be harder to digest.


  1. Fail to Hydrate – in the same way that carb loading might be useful for someone racing longer than a couple of hours, hydrating more could have a similar affect. This is particularly important if it’s going to be hot.


  1. Stay Up Late – again, sleep is something you could load up on if you think you’ll get less the day before a big event. But don’t make it hard on your body by staying up late!


  1. Adjust Bike – do not under any circumstance change anything on your bike the day before, unless you absolutely have to! Have your bike ready at least a week in advance.


  1. Adjust kit – number 5 also goes for your kit. The day before your big event is not the time to change cleats, footwear, headwear, try new shorts, anything. Stick to what you know works.


  1. Forget Bag – pack a bag with all your bits in it and then don’t forget it. I have a list of items I need to take to events on my website which you can use.


  1. Anything Stressful – do not allow yourself to get stressed! Probably harder than it seems, especially if you’re travelling or with mates and so on. Stress will contribute to mental fatigue and a poor ride.


  1. Drink or Take Drugs – sounds obvious but avoid anything like drink or drugs, drugs include remedies like sleeping pills, which will remain in your system race day.


  1. Change your plan – if you’ve spent months training in a specific way the last thing you should do is change that, even if it seems like it’ll be for the best! It’s probably just nerves or excitement but stick to your game plan! Unrehearsed changes are a recipe for disaster!