“If you are thinking whether it is worth getting a coach, it is. Talk to Pav at Direct Power Coaching. I have just finished my first season with Pav and exceeded all of my expectations. I have blown away 2 of my goals (115 mile spotive & Alpe d’Huez) and was flying in the third (12 hour time trial) before being withdrawn through illness. Pav is so encouraging and works wholistically on training, recovery, nutrition and event preparation. I have felt like my success is really important to Pav and the rest of his team.”


Julian Ormandy – TT Rider – Coached by Pav

“I can thoroughly recommend Direct Power coaching if you’re serious about training and are looking for coaching. I used Direct Power and Pav Bryan for the second time this year to target an event that required ultra endurance. I got a tailored plan to work around my cycle commutes and home life set out in TrainingPeaks that was easy to follow and adapt. Not only have I increased my endurance level but I’ve also seen massive gains in my average speed and my cadence threshold. I’m targeting a bigger event next year and I’ll be looking to Direct Power again for my next plan.”


Craig Boyd – Ultra Distance/Audax Rider – Coached by Pav

“We recently undertook a 4 week training plan with Direct Power Coaching with great overall gains and end results by everyone involved. It was obvious that Pav’s experience and knowledge had made a significant difference to the delivery and completion by the participants. Lots of thought, design and effort went into the specific’s for our team challenge. A truly excellent product, well done Pav and the team at Direct Power Coaching.”


Tony Clews – TeamZF FTP Challenge – An Online Group, Coached by Pav

“I have worked with Pav on a number of occasions for my Zwift group. Exclusive designed programs to suit our needs. Easy to follow workouts, great support and information on hand. The professionalism is what sets DPC apart from the rest. You feel like part of the team. If you are considering getting some coaching, please take the time to have a chat with these guys, so glad I made the move. Highly recommended A+”


Pete Donohue – TeamZF Leader – An Online Group, Coached by Pav

“The thing that really stands out is the change over the past few months. I think it is since I started adding in your core and strength exercise. The weight loss is starting to become noticeable now, but the really striking thing to me is the dramatic improvement in my posture. Thank you so much for helping with the health improvements!”


Clare Snowden – TeamZF FTP Challenge – An Online Group, Coached by Pav

“Awesome! quick response and knowledgeable structure. The work is hard but the support is evident!”


Mark Rohovit – US Racing Client – Coached by Ian

“Have known Pav for several years, was one of his first clients. You’ll never find a more attentive, approachable coach. Enjoyed my training plans if not the harder sessions. I was seeing steady progress throughout my schedule, but had to take some time out to focus on my family. Hope to be back under the wing once junior is a little older.”


Ant Askew – Sportive Rider – Coached by Pav

“Three months ago I joined the Zwift Fitness group in a team challenge. I thought it would help me meet a few people on Zwift and learn to use the platform. Little did I know what a powerful experience this would become. I saw significant improvement in my cycling and fitness level and my understanding of how to continue to use FTP, cadence, and heart rate to make improvements. I met other riders from around the world with similar issues and concerns and shared suggestions and advice to improve my cycling. More importantly, I met Pav Bryan, the coach who wrote the workouts for us each week. I never imagined to see so much improvement in such a short amount of time. I didn’t anticipate that he would take the time to answer our questions personally and send encouraging messages on Facebook. THANKS Pav I look forward to your next challenge”


Karen Pettus – TeamZF TT Challenge – An Online Group, Coached by Pav

“I’ve just completed a training plan that was done through Zwift Fitness and designed by Direct Power Coaching. Wow what a brilliant plan and the improvement in not just my fitness but my mental attitude. Can’t thank you enough. My mojo is well and truly ignited.”


Karen Haldane – TeamZF FTP Challenge – An Online Group, Coached by Pav

“First experience of any kind of coached training, did the FTP challenge. I stuck as closely as I could to the programme but did the strength training in the gym. I actually felt like I was doing less than I normally do and scheduled rest days were welcome. I completed the FTP test a few days before the end of the 4 week plan and had a great increase nearly 20%. Need to look into the next plan now or I’ll miss the daily email reminding me of what’s to come. Thanks Pav 👍


Allan Williams – TeamZF FTP Challenge – An Online Group, Coached by Pav

“Hey Pav, just to quick update of your FTP challenge, enjoying a proper plan and actually doing core and stretching properly, I can feel the difference and it can only get stronger. Thanks the difference of training with a plan is huge. I can say for certain you definitely become a better rider with a coaching plan.”


Gary Barrett – TeamZF FTP Challenge- An Online Group, Coached by Pav

“I was introduced to Pav Bryan and Direct Power Coaching through the Zwift Fitness group challenge. I was so impressed with the workouts and my improvement that I acquired the 22 Week Century Challenge to get ready for the IRL season. I started this plan on 1/1/18. The mix of on and off bike training sessions has already made a huge difference. This weekend, I participated in the ZFondo series and rode the Three Sisters course. My resulting times and stamina throughout the ride were, to say the least, fantastic. I look forward to continued advances. Thanks, Pav.”


Stuart Angowitz – Following a Training Plan

“I did the Zwift Fitness time trial challenge and the ftp challenge before that. The workouts are really well written and challenge you without making you feel like you are center stage at a circus. It was a very solid mix of sweet spot training, evil intense efforts, and lots of recovery and Zone 2 training.”


Katie Brady Pothier – TeamZF FTP Challenge- An Online Group, Coached by Pav

“Hello Pav, Thank you for the zwift challenge workouts. The time trial challenge was a great success for me since I improved my time by over 1 minute. And my FTP also went up from 182 to 217. I am looking forward to some rest time and hope to pick up another challenge in January. Happy New Year.”


Lou Dregely – TeamZF FTP Challenge – An Online Group, Coached by Pav

“Just recently completed a TT challenge on Zwift with the Zwift Fitness group and loved it! Pav put together a great program that pushed and pulled when needed lending to noticing gains. Looking forward to more!!”


Forrest Kieser – TeamZF TT Challenge – An Online Group, Coached by Pav

“Recently followed one of Pav’s training programs via Zwift cannot fault it. Thought I was past following a training schedule and would find it boring, how wrong I was. The sessions were varied in intensity and duration and I even started looking forward to them, which gave the rewards of FTP increases on more than 2 occasions.”


Ray Holden – Following a Training Plan

“I decided at the beginning of this year to try and take a different approach to my cycling. I wanted to become  more knowledgeable, more structured and work on ways to really improve. I approached Pav and have been so impressed with his planning, motivation, constructive feedback and engagement with me as a 51 year old sportive cyclist! I saw big gains in my ftp (14%) weight loss of 10 kg between Feb and June and many ‘pbs’ on my rides.  Most importantly I enjoyed what I was doing-it fitted in with my work schedule and the variety was really enjoyable. I would highly recommend Pav and his team to anyone of any ability and plan to continue and build on the gains he has helped me make!

Thanks a lot Pav!!”


Simon Halle-Smith – L’etape du Tour Rider – Coached by Pav

“I decided to join the coaching world after seeing how Direct Power Coaching had helped a teammate improve.  I took the plunge after having several months of battling with illness and going backwards and wanted to rescue my season before it was too late!

In just a short space of time, the coaches have got me back on track, seen big increases in my tests, big power gains, big heart rate reductions.  Success in races and this is just the start.

Very confident that with a proper pre-season under their guidance will see me achieve my goals.”

Rob Hill – Road Racer/TT/Track Rider – Coached by Caroline

“I was lucky enough to win a 4 week weight loss program. Completed it, managed to lose 3kg in 4 weeks just doing that and not changing eating etc.

Definitely recommended!!”

Daniel Berkhauer – Leisure/Sportive Rider – Weight Loss Plan via TrainingPeaks

“I know I have done loads of times already and will probably do so again, but I just wanted to thank you so much for all your training, help and advice.

You have made such a difference to my confidence and abilities, personally and with cycling.

I try not to go on about it but being diagnosed with fibromyalgia was a big kick in the balls. I’m somewhat fortunate in my job in the ambulance service to meet some amazing people that have achieved so much in their lives with much worse conditions, so in a strange way feel lucky with my diagnosis compared to what perhaps it could have been, but it still has had a negative effect on me.

Following your plan and advice has enabled me to get so much out of being on my bike, I did 14+mph average speed over 18 miles! I nailed my ride into work this morning, taking a big chunk off my time. I’m nearly completely out of the granny/sissy gears and normally sit in 6th gear (on the right), compared to sometimes getting excited about getting into 4th!

I’ve started a little cycling club at work, and we go out once or twice a week after work around the old Greenham Common Airbase (your probably not old enough to remember that!), or we go along the canal for an hour or two, have a pub dinner and come back.

I know it sounds silly but today I was Peter Sagan in the Tour de France and the cars behind me we’re the support vehicles with you giving me coaching, it helps me through the tough bits lol, don’t section me just yet!

I’m out with my son kicking and throwing his rugby ball in the garden (trying to learn the rules so I don’t embarrass him at his games by asking questions), we train in the garage together, rather than me sitting on the sofa when I get home from work.

So thank you so much for everything Pav, can’t thank you enough.”

Kenneth Wilcox – Leisure/Sportive Rider – Coached by Pav

“I’m really happy with the amazing coaching support that you get with Pav Bryan cycle coaching, it’s helping me to break my personal bests weekly and has changed me from a below par junior time trial rider to finishing top 10 in Adult time trials, in just 6 months of coaching!”

Ieuan Woods – Future Pro – Coached by Ian

“All in all, top day. I’m pretty sunburnt and absolutely shattered but it was definitely worth the wait. The training most certainly has paid off and I want to say a huge thank you for the training, support and encouragement that you’ve given me getting me to this point. It’s made this event all that more possible.”

Owain Slater – GF Stelvio Participant – Coached by Pav


“Just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you’ve done over the past months, it’s been great having you there if if you are mean!”

Kevin Harris – Veteran TT &Roadie – Coached by Ian


“I’m super excited for the gains, the prospect of a week of training and resting properly and of course the nervous excitement of the first test being just around the corner. Thanks for your help and advice so far – its appreciated and I’m sure there’s more to come!”

Tom Hougton – Veteran TT & CX – Coached by Pav


“I think the improvements seen in Fraser’s riding over the winter in terms of FTP – which was a massive increase from around 210 to 280W, and the 2 minute plus improvement in his 10 time (which was done on identical kit & course ie standard road bike with clip on bars and not particularly aero wheels showed how much the training/coaching has worked.

Moving from youth racing which is generally 30-40 crits around a park up to junior/senior racing was always going to be a challenge and again the coaching has definitely worked.
The first road race of the season over in East Lothian on a pretty grim day went pretty well with F sitting near the front of the bunch setting the pace or off the front attacking again showed what a massive leap forward he’s made and that’s down to the work he’s put in and the training plan put together by Caroline. Watching the race from the roadside he looked more comfortable in a 2hr road race on undulating roads than he ever did in a crit at youth level and looked far stronger.”

Neil Macdougall (Client Fraser’s father) – Fraser Macdougall – Future Prospect – Coached by Caroline

“I’ve been working with Pav for just shy of 5 months and during this time I have never felt more motivated and determined to reach my targets. I was previously a casual weekend rider but decided to set myself a challenge to focus on this year and knew I would not achieve under my own steam.

Pav’s coaching style, knowledge and genuine passion for cycling has helped guide me through my training approach, set realistic targets and develop a strong mental attitude. I have seen improvement upon improvement and look forward to being able to keeping on progressing each time.

Pav takes on board all feedback, whether that’s to help develop the training or provide that little bit extra motivation or support, and is always available to ask questions or allay concerns.

I would thoroughly recommend Pav to anyone who wants help with achieving their cycling goals.”

Owain Slater – Sportive Rider – Coached by Pav

“I’ve now worked with Pav for around 6 months and have thoroughly enjoyed the plan. Pav has a no nonsense approach to training with varied and structured plans removing the usual tedium associated with coached training. I have seen some serious gains in power and hopefully this will translate into better results now the seasons upon us. Circumstance now moves me away from Pav but would have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Will Sawyer – Tester – Coached by Pav

“Superb professional coaching by friendly approachable coaches. I have come 14th and 9th in my first season in Time Trial races and improving every week thank you for you work Mike Davey and Pav Bryan I really do appreciate it”

Danny McKenny – TT – Coached by Mike

“Fantastic coaching company for people of all abilities to improve their riding. A great way to bring professional structure into your own training”

Ieuan Woods – Future Pro – Coached by Ian

“I have been working with Pav for just over six months now. Coming from a self-taught regime, dotted with various YouTube and magazine workouts, I realised that needed some actual help. Joining up with Pav was the best thing I could’ve done to realise my potential and help me towards my goals as a cyclist.

Pav is a great mentor and coach, always there with advice and plenty of motivation. He is always available, either via phone, email or even through Facebook, and is ready to answer any questions as thoroughly, and simply, as possible.

The training scheme he has set me on has seen my overall power, speed and cadence increase, as well as building my confidence and motivation throughout. The training is flexible around my working hours and it is designed to get the most out of me, out of the time I have between work and normal life. He pushes you, gently at first, and when think you’ve hit your limit, he pushes you again and it’s then, that you realise his training is working and you can go beyond what you thought you could do.

I would recommend anyone who is serious about cycling, from a weekend warrior to an amateur racer, who wants to push themselves and realise their potential to work with Pav.”

Brett Gilbert – Sportive Rider – Coached by Pav

“I started training with Pav last June. I had only been cycling a few months and found I was not developing my ability fast enough. I was also concerned that I was not being as efficient with my technique. I booked a fitness test at Pav’s Office. He gave me a great welcome and made me feel comfortable straight away. Then with his encouragement he made me push myself to new limits.

9 months have past and with Pav’s help I have reached levels I thought would be a long time in coming, he has helped me become a competent club rider, I have completed a TT and don’t feel nervous about who’s company I am in on a ride. When training with Pav you want to do well because you don’t want to let him down , because you know he genuinely cares.

Being a newby I have also changed direction with what I am aiming for. This has not been an issue, Pav just adjusts the plan to suit. I thoroughly would recommend Pav as your coach.”

Peter Brehme – Audax Rider – Coached by Pav

“For a long time I was struggling to find a way to get my fitness and cycling distances up especially as I live with Type 1 Diabetes.

Taking on Pav was probably the best thing I’ve done and since being a client I have seen my fitness increase and confidence in my ability to achieve goals as well.

What makes Pav stand out for me is that he is always there to answer questions and was willing to work with me to break a number of barriers, not only in terms of the cycling but also with the medical condition. 

I’d recommend him to anyone wanting to either break into or progress on in their cycling goals.”

Paul Swann – Sportive Rider – Coached by Pav

“Awesome coaching company with unrivalled contact time and feedback with my coach. Progressive and adaptable approach to enable you to work towards goals, while fitting it around other commitments. Very supportive and can’t recommend them enough!!!”

Adrian Heathfield – 2020 Paralympian – Coached by Ian

“Pav is amazing. The training is structured on an individual basis and he is able to work with you on specific areas. Pav’ guidance is helping me come back from some pretty bad back issues and have hopes of being competitive this season. I have already seen gains in power and endurance. Looking forward to continuing to grow.”

Mathew Hall – Roadie from USA – Coached by Pav

“Pav started coaching me at 13 years of age, I was doing 26:30 on a ten mile time trial. Now after being coached for nearly 2 years I am down to a 23:00 10 mile time trial and I am wanting a sub 22:00 (ambitious) Pav is always there to talk to when you need help or guidance, he’s the best coach around”


Fabien Large – Young Tester – Coached by Pav


“Pav is dedicated and is really good at listening to specific requests, goals and abilities. My gains has been significant and working from distance (Pav in England, me Sweden) has not been a problem. I love Pavs attitude and almost daily response to my training and nutrition.”


Erik Andersson – Rider from Sweden – Coached by Pav

“I would like to thank you for your coaching. The system you set up / apply works! I also think you have a good balance between understanding a student’s situation and motivating him/her. What stuck to my mind and I personally really like about your coaching is, you’ve always told me when I didn’t do a workout properly.”

Urs Scheuber – Sportive Rider from Switzerland – Coached by Pav

“Pav has helped me structure my training to fit in with family & work commitments, I understand how my training works and can target weaknesses and build on my strengths”


“Having spent time off the bike due to illness Pav’s detailed plan has helped me to recover my fitness and get ready to race, structured training has prevented me overdoing it and getting ill again”


Marc Layfield – Category 2 Roadie – Coached by Pav & Mike


“Pav and Mike helped me achieve my cycling goals and more.  I decided to sign up for coaching as even though I was doing a lot of unstructured riding I wasn’t convinced I was progressing enough to make it round my planned sportives – the Dragon Ride and Maratona dles Dolomites.  With the planned structured training and the coaches encouragement I made my goals and a whole lot more.  Structured riding is essential to progressing.”

Richard Cooper – Sportive – Coached by Pav & Mike


“My first few months of the ambassador roll have been a little frustrating to say the least, If I was not supported by Caroline and the ambassador roll I think I would have decided to change my plans and not raced in 2017. Caroline has been a great help from day one, with years of experience behind her I know 2017 is going to be a great year…


Roll on 2017 and results”

Wayne Preston – CX – Coached by Caroline


Adrian Heathfield – Paralympic Tokyo 2020 – Coached by Ian

“I started working with Lee Cairns in late August to build for my 2017 season.

I’m very impressed with the schedule and variety of workouts. It is exactly what I was looking for in a coach. 

His positive feedback after every workout keeps me pushing that much harder in every session.

Lee has me motivated and focused on my training and a great 2017 season.

Only way to reach your goals is hard work”

Doug Blades – Veteran Racer – Coached by Lee

“I have been working with Mike for 4 months now and he has always been available for my questions and he has made my training plan very flexible to allow for my work commitments.

I do most of my work outs on the commute to work and Mike has made the workouts so that they fit the limited time that I have and they are very clear and easy to understand.

Mike is always available via email and I have clearly defined targets for my season ahead. I’m looking forward to continuing my development under Mike’s guidance.”

Nathan Peppercorn – Sportive Rider – Coached by Mike

“I approached Pav to help me improve my approach to cycling, not necessarily faster times but to improve my technique so I could get more enjoyment out of cycling.

From the initial baseline session I appreciated Pav’s emphatic approach, never saying this is what you should do but explaining the benefits of certain courses of training.

I cant say my speed increased, that wasn’t the objective. Pav gave me regular support through out, even if I did not meet the targets and as result I enjoy cycling much more and can go a bit quicker if I like.

I would recommend Pav to anyone who wants to improve their cycling, whether they be a TT, road race or just someone who enjoys cycling. His skill and understanding of cycling techniques just made cycling so much easier.”

Ralph Sperring – Enthusiastic Cyclist


David Greenwood – 24 Hour TT Rider

“I have known Pav for a while, he has coached me for a year now and I have seen improvements of 3:30, on a ten mile time trail, a rather big improvement I think!
I would definitely recommend Pav as a coach a very nice person and always willing to help! Thank you Pav!”

Fabien Large – Junior Tester

“I have been working with Pav Bryan for about 4 months now and have quickly seen the gains I have wanted. The important area for me is having a personal/working relationship with any coach I have and Pav gives this to me especially with my locallity in comparison to Pav. His expertise is clear to see and his flexibility on the plan more so. A great example of this is my epilepsy, this can cause short term issues and Pav has changed my plan to cope with this. His knowledge as well as appreciation for my health means I will not leave this coaching any time soon. I would highly recommend using Pav as this kind of coaching is one of a kind.”

Ben Wittey – Sportive & TT

Louis Jones – Mallorca 312 Rider

“I feel good, I’ve had those couple of sessions where I’ve really wanted to stop and had to push myself so feel like I’ve progressed a lot just to get through them! I’m really enjoying the training, it’s so nice and varied whereas others I know training for it are just going for long rides once or twice a week. Your way is much more interesting and I can see the improvements already so clearly works very well! Thank you :)”

Micky Haddock – Sportive Rider

“Doing Triathlons and TTs I realised one area I could significantly improve was my cycling, but I just needed the right coach to help me. Originally motivated by becoming a quicker rider in hilly terrain, I stumbled upon one of many useful blog articles written by Pav.

After signing up to Pav’s coaching programme, he immediately set-up a individual training plan that really suited my lifestyle. 7 months later my performance gain has been +12% on sustained output. By far my highest gain is such short period.

Furthermore, Pav also has a really diverse bank of training sessions, this makes the training always interesting and enjoyable. He’s also been available and extremely helpful whenever I needed his advice. That shows how much he cares about each one of his clients. I highly recommend Pav to anyone looking to take their cycling to the next level.”

Daniel de la Cruz – Triathlete & Time Trialist

“Pav has been my cycling coach for under a month however his methodology and focus to planning has been instrumental in my development. To have a coach who is long distance who is willing to help at length is a further chain to my armour. As I want to develop I think its key to have a coach like Pav, will continue to use.”

Ben Wittey – Sportive & TT

Lee Messenger – Cat 4 Road Racer & Sportive rider

Dave Mercer – Recovering from major hip surgery

Nathan Peppercorn – Sportive rider

“I would like to thank Pav for all his guidance and training which helped me to complete the 1230 km Paris – Brest – Paris ride organised by the Audax Club Parisian in August 2015. On each session I showed improvement from my base line figures and his structured plan helped me reach the potential I didn’t know I had within me.”

Derek Wolfson – Audax rider

“Just like to say a massive thank you to Pav Bryan, for restoring my faith in cycling, having been involved in a hit & run accident in November 2014, I lost all my mojo for riding a bike, my fitness is shot to pieces, but after today and with Pav’s help, the green shoots are starting to appear and look forward to many months under the guidance of Pav in reaching my ambition of riding 100 miles in one day next summer”

Gerry Rosen – Sportive Rider

“Really pleased with this mornings time with almost a minute quicker than last year on a hillier course! Even more pleased with time compared to others I bench mark against! The training plan has made a real tangible difference, thank you. Danny”

Danny Frost – TT Rider

“Pav Bryan you need to put a warning message on your website about your training services, because you WILL need a completely new wardrobe of smaller clothes. Be warned!!”

Paul Ingram – Sportive Rider Looking To Lose Weight

“When I met Pav I presented him with a new challenge being an endurance mountain biker as opposed to a road cyclist. I needed a training programme in preparation of the TransAlp – an offroad 7 day stage race in the the Alps and Dolomites.

Pav applied himself to my needs, gave careful analysis to the course including distance, altitude and terrain, and devised a thorough training diary for me with regular fitness tests.

This training programme gave me the structure and support I needed over the months of lead in.

There were many highs and lows during training, which can be a hugely lonely experience, however, knowing I had a plan and a feedback diary was crucial to achieving my goal. Pav was honest and supportive in his response to this diary and that pushed me to hit the targets and dig deep whilst training.

Pav contacted me regularly to check my morale and answer any queries I had.

The fitness tests are agonising and I’m glad they are behind me now, however who knows what challenge is round the next corner and with time perhaps the memory of pain will fade and the craving for adventure will return to haunt me!

I would definitely need Pav’s support if it did, and I would recommend anyone else to embrace the whole experience and Pav’s expertise.”

Claire Goldsmith – MTB Rider & TransAlp Finisher

“Harbour Therapies is a high quality company providing the very best service to our clients.

As such I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the cycle training session I had with you yesterday. I am a complete novice at cycling and you very patiently explained the training session and worked to my ability. I have even booked another appointment for next week!

I have no hesitation in recommending you to family, friends, clients and colleagues at every opportunity.

I wish you well for the future and thank you again”

Debbie King – Non-Cyclist Wanting To Get Fit & Lose Weight With 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions


A big thank you to Pav who has coached for the last 6 months. During this time he has helped me prepare for a variety of events including Paris Roubaix 106 miles and all 27 pave sections, Jean Nelissen Classic a 115 mile sportive in Luxembourg with 15,000ft of climbing, Chase The Sun a 206 mile coast to coast ride to be completed during daylight hours on the longest day of the year. Thrown in to the mix were the Friday night club 10tt that has seen an improvement from 27:05 to 25:18, 50TT from 2:28 to 2:18 and finally this Sundays KCA 12 hr with a distance of 219 miles. All times and distances well within V50 Standards.

It has certainly been a rewarding 6 months for me and I am sure for Pav as well. Not only has he provided excellent and varied training programmes, but always on hand to offer further advice a much needed encouragement and the odd loan of kit and equipment.

Looking forward to the coming months and the possibility of winter training package.

A serious big thank you Pav.”

Dave Greenwood – TT & Sportive Rider

“Morning Pav. I hope you don’t mind, but I thought I would let you know how last nights ride went. I got home at 6pm. I sat in the chair and stared out of the door into the garden. it was raining, and I was undecided IN or OUT. I could have fallen asleep, I was so tired. OUT was the decision, but i needed to change rear training tyre and get ready. Did all this with the help of my wife, and left the house at 6.34pm. what a ride! It is the strongest I have ever felt on a bike since I got it in September 2014. I could keep great cadence at around 90rpm, and changing down when necessary as part of my training. Inclines felt so much easier. Aero position was much easier and made me want to go faster. What was happening? I would stand up when I felt like it and the legs gave me what I needed. I took on two steep inclines. One I had never done before and another I have tried twice. first was 16% (in a small area) and i could not believe how good I felt going up it. granted in lowest gear, but cadence was 90-95rpm. I could have kept going. I now want to try it in other gears. The second one was again the same. Cadence lower, but really felt good all the way, and then when i got to the top of both i would then just power on. No need to stop for 5 minutes to catch my breath. I went along a straight near my home, and got into aero position and just powered, powered powered. I reached a limit, but I could feel the sensation from my training in my head and thought ‘you have felt like this before so keep going’. I got home and loads of PR’s. One of the steep inclines I shaved 30-40seconds off. What!!! One negative. Got a horrible clicking sound while pedalling. would normally really anger me as I hate errors, but I had to ignore it. I am really really pleased. considering I could have easily stayed at home and regretted, I then have the best ride. I really was not expecting that at all. I then had a great tea and watched FROOME whoop the rest. Great end to the day. Thanks PAV”

Paul Ingram – Sportive Rider

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