Sleep Your Way To Success

While great leaders of the world (and some, not so great!) have worn their lack of a need to sleep like a badge of honor, the truth is – we all need adequate, regular sleep to be our best selves. And if you’re looking to excel on the bike, you should be approaching sleep as […]

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How to Eat…

Here’s a rough transcript of a Q&A I did recently with some clients, then my response on what they could do to resolve their problems. I thought it would be perfect to turn into an article, so here’s my thoughts on how you should be eating…


Is the best way to lose weight to eat less […]

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Ultimate Recovery Guide…

All your hard work in training is for nothing if you don’t allow your body to recover and adapt to it. Recovery is the most fundamental point of your schedule. Some people say that without it you’re over-training but I prefer the term under-recovering.


You finish your session or race what do you do? Ideally you […]

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Ideal Training & Recovery

If you haven’t seen my blog on Supercompensation Model please have a read first as it might help to understanding how the Ideal Training & Recovery Model works.

The infographic shows that once you have achieved one period of Overcompensation (or Super-Compensation) you can keep this going in order to continually improve over a much longer […]

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You may have seen my recent blog about the Overcompensation Model, if not it’s worth a read before starting this.

This Super Compensation Model shows a little more detail and what happens if you don’t get it right. Although named slightly different they are essentially the same model. The biological state before stimulus is your baseline […]

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