Ideal Training & Recovery

If you haven’t seen my blog on Supercompensation Model please have a read first as it might help to understanding how the Ideal Training & Recovery Model works.

The infographic shows that once you have achieved one period of Overcompensation (or Super-Compensation) you can keep this going in order to continually improve over a much longer […]

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You may have seen my recent blog about the Overcompensation Model, if not it’s worth a read before starting this.

This Super Compensation Model shows a little more detail and what happens if you don’t get it right. Although named slightly different they are essentially the same model. The biological state before stimulus is your baseline […]

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How to Monitor Fatigue…

While recently writing a detailed guide for my clients on Training Plans I had a thought that actually it might not be a bad idea to share this with everyone. For some it might be sucking eggs, for some it might be an awakening, and others will probably read this and think what a lot […]

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