How to be your own Coach…

Because, why wouldn’t I help you make people like me redundant…!

In this article I’m going to coach you through how to make the most of self-training and turn you into your own Coach!

Why not start by checking out my webinar on Training:


How to Setup your Training Plan…

Because you have to start at the beginning! Preparation […]

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How to be your own Nutritionist…

In my coaching philosophy, training is only accountable for around 15% of the gains you will see in cycling. Mentality, another subject entirely, accounts for around 50%, with nutrition making up the other 35%. Even if I’m out fractionally you can see that all your hard work training is worth far less than the time […]

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Motivation and PMA…

The law of attraction… the more positively you think, the more positivity you experience life. Even if you’re not a fan of this philosophy, would it hurt to give it a go?


I love applying this to cycling! Here are my top four methods to achieving your cycling dreams simply by having a positive mental attitude!



What songs can you […]

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What to do during lower base or easier rides…

Depending on your targets you might be doing some longer, steadier, easier and sometimes more boring rides, commonly known as base miles. But what can you do on these rides? I’m not an advocate of anything that distracts you from the road so no in ear music. But there is still numerous things that you […]

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Ultimate Ride Fuel Guide…

Welcome! This guide should help anyone who is looking to get the most from their rides or training and isn’t sure how to fuel or hydrate for it. For more resources just like this, including recipes, weight management guides and much more take a look at our Nutritionally Fit program!



You should ensure you are always […]

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Top 10 Things NOT To Do The Day Before You Target Event…

A recent failed A event from a good friend and client prompted me to write this. Some of them might seem like common sense but it’s easy to make the mistake of doing something stupid the day before your big event. Here’s my top 10 things NOT to do the day before your target event:




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Winter Training 2016-17

It’s that time of year again! I hope you’ve enjoyed a successful summer and with winter looming now is a good time to be thinking about next year.


Getting a solid winter training under your belt is the best way to ensure you’re on form for your target events in 2017 so we’ve put together an […]

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How to Ride in Heat…

Summer is here, you’ve been waiting all winter for the weather to get nice, for it to stop raining, for the wind to ease up a bit and all of a sudden it’s gotten too hot, your kids are off school and it’s time for the family holiday. All your winter training is at risk, […]

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How to Stay Motivated…

Doing exercise of any kind is important to maintaining health. We all have our favorite workout routine, but most of us feel the lack of motivation for doing so. Exercise is hard especially if you have the main purpose for doing so such as weight loss. We all need to keep motivated to be able […]

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You Know You’re A Cyclist If…

I’ve seen versions of this before but thought I’d do my own. I’m sure there might be some cross-over but not intentional. You know you’re a cyclist if…


1.       Your cycling shoes are your most expensive pair of footwear

2.       Your bike is worth more than your car (can be cumulative if you own more than one […]

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