Cycling Holiday

How to Get the Most from Training Camps…

Training camps can be valuable in the search for an extra boost in fitness. However, they’re not always factored into training as efficiently as they should be. Let me explain with some reasoning from the perspective of two different cyclists.


Firstly, you have the time constricted cyclist, who has a full-time job, with a family to […]

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Cycling Holiday Checklist

What will you forget next time you go on holiday?

Bike Bits:
• Bike (Unless Hiring One)
• Pedals
• Di2 Battery (Charged)
• Pump
• Tools
• Wheels, Tyres, Tubes
• Cleaning Products & Towel
• Garmin & Lead
• Bottles

Cycling Wear:
• Jerseys
• Shorts
• Jacket
• Gilet
• Arm/Leg Warmers
• Socks
• Head-wear
• Sunglasses
• Helmet
• Gloves
• Shoes
• Shoe Covers
• Compression Wear
• Heart Rate Monitor
• Nasal Strips

Normal Wear:

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