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Take the Direct Power Coaching Strength & Conditioning Challenge!

Would you like to increase your power output, how you apply it, your stability, flexibility and general health in less than one month?

Introducing a simple way to kickstart your off-the-bike training! It’s an easy to follow, user-friendly plan that lasts four weeks. No strings attached, just a fun challenge you can do on your own or with your mates.

There’s a link to demonstrations on all exercises to make things even easier for you to complete. It’s designed for use in any setting (gym, home, etc) and for those at any level. Signup below and your four-week training plans will be emailed to you immediately!

We will all be aiming to start together, Monday 3rd December. But check the instructions in the email for more info.

Signup now by clicking this link.

Please add pav@directpowercoaching.com to your contacts so your email doesn’t go into spam.