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Powerbar 5 Electrolytes

I suffered the agonising pain of cramp during events for far too long before making small changes in my hydrating regime that have almost changed my cycling life completely. Maybe an exaggeration but such was the pain I suffered that once I found the simple cure that involves dropping a tablet into a glass of water or your bidon I felt so much more confident towards the end of an event. I use hydration tablets in the run up to an event, both the day before and immediately before, and after.


Lots of nutrition companies sell their versions of these tablets and I was very happy to see that Powerbar had added this type of product to their already very broad and well thought out product range. There are a lot of positives to Powerbar’s simply named “5 Electrolyte” hydration tablets and I’m a little ashamed to admit that the reason I like these so much is not because of their great list of minerals and nutrients that make up the tabs but because they taste so, so good!


Anyone who has been part of the protein revolution from the start will remember the days of gag inducing shakes that were taken purely out of necessity. Thankfully these days are gone and although it’s not always wise to make a choice based on taste it’s not the diet suicide it used to be. Powerbar have three flavours. The two I love are Mango Passionfruit and Raspberry Pomegranate and the one I like is Pink Grapefruit, which also contains caffeine.


But I guess I’d best write something about the contents! Firstly, and like all similar products on the market (as far as I’m aware) it is a calorie free tablet. If you want any added carbohydrates you can get many sports drinks that will tender to your needs but if you want something that you can drink without the worry of adding weight this is it. What gives Powerbar the edge here is the way the nutrients are in ratio to match the way your body sweats. Makes a lot of sense, so much sense you sort of have to wonder why this is the first instance I’ve heard of this principle being applied. The nutrients concerned are sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium and in keeping with a very popular theme the tabs are flavoured naturally for a “light refreshing taste”.


You get 10 tabs per tube enough to make 7.5 liters of sports drink. If you shop around you can find three tubes for £10.00 or 33p per drink, very affordable. So if you get cramp a lot, particularly when you’re working hard in an event like I do, and you can cure this, how much would you pay? I’m willing to bet more than 33p! I like them so much that I stocked up enough to last the rest of the season, providing I don’t overuse – which is a genuine possibility!

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