Nut Allergy Cheat Sheet

//Nut Allergy Cheat Sheet

Nut Allergy Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet:

If you’re unlucky enough to have a nut allergy like myself here’s something that might help (& save your life!). Also a little advice based on personal experience, don’t assume that because you are visiting a country that they’ll speak that language. When I first visiting Picolin in the Italian Dolomites I learnt the Italian for “I’m allergic to nuts” & no one knew what I was going on about because they speak a regional dialect of German! So here’s a list of major EU languages for it. Feel free to email me if you want me too add one to it:

I’m allergic to nuts:

Italian: Sono allergico alle noci

German: Ich bin allergisch gegen Nüsse

French : Je suis allergique aux noix

Dutch: Ik ben allergisch voor noten

Spanish: Soy alérgico a los frutos secos

Portugese: Eu sou alérgico a nozes

Greek: Είμαι αλλεργικός στα καρύδια (Eímai allergikós sta karýdia)

Polish: Mam alergię na orzechy

Russian: У меня аллергия на орехи (U menya allergiya na orekhi)

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