LA Muscle Fat Stripper Pills

//LA Muscle Fat Stripper Pills

LA Muscle Fat Stripper Pills

I’ve written about weight loss aids before. And my position on them hasn’t changed… Placebo at best… and LA Muscle’s Fat Stripper pills have done little to make me rethink my stance on them.


The contents on list here are different to that of its competitors for a start there’s no caffeine in them, which is good if you plan to take them in the evening. Containing L-Carnitine which is crucial in transporting fat around the body and in the reduction of weight. L-Carnitine is a compound made up of the amino acids lysine and methionine, what’s odd is that listed in the other ingredients is methionine – you’d expect this to not be listed as it’s a part of L-Carnitine, or you’d expect lysine to be listed, something doesn’t add up here.


The other ingredients are Choline, Inositol, Betan and Chromium Picolinate. I’m sure there’s research to suggest these ingredients will aid weight loss but no proof. Again one of the focal points of my previous article into these aids was that it is too difficult to replicate lab conditions that would test this. I’m sure that some people will lose weight while taking these pills, whether the pills are the reason for this, who knows.


But back to point, did I lose weight or fat loss? No… The manufacturers of this will defend their products by suggesting that my diet or activity levels are to blame and they could be right. In the week that I took Fat Stripper I completed a 100 mile TT, a hill climb session, an indoor interval session, two recover rides, a 10 mile TT and then a 25 mile TT, so activity is probably not the reason! Yes it could be my diet. I have had to eat more to fuel that level of activity and perhaps I have over-eaten. If the manufacturers suggest that 7 days is too little to make an effect, then my reply would be why sell a trial pack of 7 days?


The best advice I can give to someone looking to lose weight is eat clean foods which have been as little processed as possible, exercise, drink nothing but water and black coffee if needed, get enough sleep, and keep track of what you’re doing – this then enables you to make changes to things that don’t work and keep things that do. Sadly, despite what manufacturers of these types of pills will tell you the only magic method of losing weight is actually… hard work…

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