How to be your own Directeur Sportif…

//How to be your own Directeur Sportif…

How to be your own Directeur Sportif…

Because you’ve done all the hard work, months of training and planning, why the heck would you throw it away at the last hurdle!

In this article I’m going to show you how you can be your own Directeur Sportif!

Why not start by watching my 20-minute Tactics Webinar:


How to Warm-Up…

Before we get to the day before your event we have to start at the beginning! This is one of the questions I ask all new clients; do you have a warm-up routine? If so, does it work 100% of the time? The answer is rarely ‘yes, it works 100% of the time’. This is fine, but I will have them working on a routine that will ensure they are 100% ready for the training or event, both physically and mentally, by said event.

In my blog How to Warm-Up… I give you reasoning why I do this, plus some hints on how to get it nailed for your own use.

This is a day one coaching session, that many often don’t focus on or don’t emphasise enough. I’ve given new clients PB’s in one week by switching their mindset to one that focuses on the details, this could be you too.


How to Cool-Down…

You figured out what was next, right?! Again, a day one session if you were my client. If you want to perform your best in the next session, then give your body the best chance to get in a state near to or at 100% recovered.

In my blog How to Cool-Down… I give you reasoning why you should spend a little extra time ensuring your body recovers.

Remember to focus on the thought that everything you do to improve your cool-down and boost your recovery will have a positive affect on the performance of your next session…

How to Recover…

Of course, the above blog links in heavily with these two, the better or more effective you cool-down, the quicker your body will recover. But after that, what can you do to really maximise recovery?

In my blog How to Recover… I give you an overview of what recovery might look like in terms of the bigger picture, how rest or recovery days fit in alongside recovery riding and even rest periods.

And, in my blog Ultimate Recovery Guide I give you a more thorough look at exactly how you can maximise your recovery on a more day-to-day basis.

Ask yourself this question every time you are faced with a choice; “which option will reduce my time to recovery”, choose the option that helps your body the most.


How to Ride in Hot or Cold Weather…

Because you might experience changing weather! It is very unlikely that you will be able to train in weather similar to that you’ll experience of your target event, year round.

In my blog How to Ride in Heat… I give you some ideas on what you can do if the weather is too hot, what you can do in summer and my thoughts on making it work for the family.

In my blog Top 10 Winter Riding Tips I give you some ideas on what you can do if the weather is too cold, how to prepare and some bits never to forget!

Also, stay tuned for the worlds first ‘Hot Weather Training Plan’, coming soon. If you’ve ever ridden in extreme heat, you’ll know it can be a killer, sadly sometimes literally. Prepare all year for this with the DPC HWP!

Top 10 Racing Considerations 

This list contains everything but training and racing itself! You might think you’re on top of all of these but when was the last time you actually gave any some thought?

In my blog Top 10 Racing Considerations I detail everything I think can give you an additional edge in your competition.

Some of these are fairly obvious, others you might have considered but not fully figured out. Either way, nail all of these factors to give yourself an instant, simple and free performance boost!


Event & Holiday Checklists

Seriously, I can not tell you how many times someone has told me they have forgotten something either for an event or when they went on holiday!

Thankfully, in my blog Event Checklist I give you a list of everything you might need to take with you to an event.

And, in my blog Cycling Holiday Checklist I give you a list of everything you might need to take on a holiday involving cycling.

Technique Training

Whether you are just starting or a seasoned veteran, your technique might be letting you down. The following blogs each are aimed to help you identify your weaknesses. Try videoing yourself and comparing to either my video or a similar one, that way you’ll be able to identify areas to improve and, in some cases, see considerable gains from getting it right.

How to Pedal… – shows you how you should be pedalling, factoring in efficiency and my thoughts on two varied methods.

How to Select the Correct Gear… – shows you how to successfully change gears, what to anticipate and a few helpful suggestions.

How to Mount & Dismount… – shows you how to successfully mount and dismount your bike, giving you some consideration to think about which will help you nail this tricky technique.

How to Brake… – shows you how to successfully brake your bike without skidding, losing traction or flipping over the front.

How to Corner… – shows you how to successfully turn your bike, giving you some pointers on how to be safe and thoughtful when riding on the public highway or with groups.

How to Climb… – shows you how to successfully climb on your bike, factoring in some examples of what to do with varied gradients.

How to Descend… – shows you how to successfully descend on your bike. Some of this will come with confidence and it requires you to be capable in some of the above skills too.

How to Draft… – shows you how to successfully lead, follow and change position in a group crucial for bridging a gap, breaking away, conserving energy and in team time trial.


Top 10 Things NOT to do the Day Before Your Key Event!

Going to finish on a lighter note, although there is some sad reasoning behind this!

In my blog, with accompanying video, the Top 10 Things NOT to do the Day Before Your Key Event… I go through a list of things you should never do in the lead up to the most important event of your year.

Now you definitely have no excuses… 😉

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