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Erdinger Alkoholfrei

I don’t drink… That is alcohol anyway! The standard reasons I avoid it apply: it is addictive and I come from a family littered with alcoholics. It impairs judgment; that dodgy kebab becomes almost irresistible while under the effects of booze. And it can have disastrous effects on mental health after prolonged exposure. I’m also not going to try to convince anyone to give up drinking but I have found a wonderful alternative…


Erdinger Alkoholfrei is promoted as a sports recovery drink. It is isotonic and vitamin rich, much like regular beer just without the hangover. It has a healthy carbohydrate content of 26.5g per 500 ml that makes it ideal as a post ride beverage, and at only 125 calories per bottle it won’t hurt your daily count neither. Perhaps I would like to see it have a little more protein than the 2g it currently does, but that would undoubtedly mean adding unnatural ingredients, and quite frankly, I like it how it is!


The first thing I, and probably everyone else thinks when presented with an alcohol free drink is “what does it taste like” the thought process being that without the alcohol it must taste bad. If history is anything to go by we would probably be right. I’ve tasted quite a few other alcohol free beers and found that, in general, they taste awful. But Erdinger is nothing like it’s counterparts. Shockingly, this actually has a case to be better tasting than a lot of alcoholic beers. I was genuinely amazed at how great this tasted.


It’s also full of natural ingredients. Check out your usual powder based recovery drink, all natural? I doubt it. “Brewed under the strict Bavarian Laws” means that only the highest quality ingredients make it into this drink and as I mentioned above the taste is proof of this. Strangely, and on no fault of Erdinger it is not considered alcohol free by UK Food Law but with less than 0.5% alcohol there’s not much case to say it is an alcoholic beverage!


So I always have one of these in my fridge and as the days grow longer and it gets warmer I find myself bypassing my usual protein recovery shake for Alkoholfrei instead. It is so refreshing to sit outside and cool down with one of these after a long ride. I only drink the one, unlike when I used to drink alcohol which was more I never drink just one. I’m still not sure how I would feel sitting in a pub beer garden with one of these, but I’m not one for frequenting beer gardens so this point is fairly mute!


You can also buy this from all leading food store giants, and actually it’s very reasonably priced. At just over one pound this makes it very competitive against other ready to drink recovery products which you can pay upwards of three pounds. In fact this makes it a lot cheaper than most beers as well. Although as I’m writing this I’m starting to see the problem with me recommending it and thus increasing demand, supply vs. demand economics anyone…


So my verdict is one of overwhelming positivity. Taste scores as the best reason to buy this drink. The fact it is good for recovery and will replenish your bodies stores of key nutrients and minerals comes in second, with price the third reason to buy this. In fact, the only thing I don’t like about this is the lack of protein. But as I mentioned above I’d rather they kept it the same, anyway protein can be found in your next meal, or failing that a protein bar – or just another shake. Well done Erdinger, thoroughly impressed!

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