Are you looking for a tailored training plan to bridge the gap between self-coaching and working 1:1 with a professional coach? If so, try out our new Training Plan Designer! Simply click the link below and build your own plan. Pay at the end and your plan will be delivered within 48 hours (if this is expected to be longer we will email you to let you know).

Sure you can download plans for free and you can even buy ‘off the shelf plans’, but why risk wasting your training time following poor quality plans with little or no support that aren’t tailored to you?



What you get if you buy one of our plans:

– Training plan; designed by a qualified, professional coach with years of experience in the discipline of that plan. All plans are reusable!

– Support; full email support, get your questions answered by a pro coach within 48 hours!

– Full Client Guide; a quick start guide with all the information you need to get you started right away

– Direct Upload to TrainingPeaks account; fully integrated into your existing account, new accounts are free

– Sessions monitored to every method; power, heart rate, rate of perceived exertion

– Technique based sessions; help developing the required technique, videos and guides to help you become a complete cyclist. Not sure you’re doing it right? Video yourself and send it to us so we can complete some detailed video analysis and help you grow!

– Core & leg strength plans (an option to add); detailed and comprehensive off the bike training plans, start with our injury prevention plan which will build a solid base and give you the strength to add power to your bike work. Then move onto our maintenance plan towards the start of the season, hold onto the winter gains without disrupting crucial on the bike training

– Development of tactics; help developing warm-up, optimising recovery, understanding tapering and body based event preparation

– Truly the most user friendly service available; 95% of sessions have a guide, video or blog to help you complete it fully. You can upload/export every session to Garmin, Zwift (or similar platforms) to follow it

– Access to the most motivational tool available; our Facebook group has coaches, team managers, mechanics, nutritionists, sports therapists, physiotherapists and of course other clients who you can arrange rides with. This is one of the most motivational tools we can deploy! Drop us an email with your receipt to be granted access.

Truly you can not get a higher quality training plan!