September 2018 Pav will be attempting to break the World Record for the fastest ride of Bicycle Route 66, from Chicago to LA, 2500 miles in a little over 10 days… here is the reason why he has partnered with Innercycle and hopes to raise money and awareness for the charity.

Route 66 World Record Details:

The record would be the fastest bicycle ride from Chicago to LA following as closely the original Route 66 road network. Unfortunately, a lot of the road has been decommissioned or repurposed as Interstates and not suitable for bicycles, however there is a Bicycle Route 66 which will be used instead.

Danielle Giordano rode a similar route to the one we have planned in Sept/Oct 2016 in 23 days but as far as we have researched this was never registered as a record. We are currently awaiting approval from Guinness as to the name of the World Record and the specifics of the attempt. There is no reason to expect the record to be denied, the exact name and specifics are what needs approval.

Some of the major cities include (not limited to); Chicago, St Louis, Springfield, Joplin, Amarillo, Adrian, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Grants, Gallup, Needles, Barstow, Los Angeles.

We would request that Guinness have two separate records for either directions, this is due to the favorable weather conditions when riding to the East.

We expect to have a support crew transported in a recreational vehicle with Pav for all of the journey, where possible. Each major city presents a unique opportunity for marketing and public relations for the charity and sponsors.

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