You may have seen CurraNZ on a Channel 4 documentary recently but the powder capsules made from concentrated New Zealand blackcurrants are making headlines for helping athletes train harder for longer, recover quicker and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m not going to go too far into the how and why they work but more about my experience with them. If you’d like to know more about the science behind them please do get in contact I have lots of info.

As an athlete and coach who subjects my body (and my clients’ bodies!) to lots of strenuous and intense training a way to make that pain more bearable is an obvious advantage. One of the benefits of CurraNZ is that it may reduce the rise of lactate across all exercise intensities, or make you more tolerant to it. You’ll be familiar with lactate if you do any intense training as it’s the reason why your legs burn, I could go on about the actual role of lactate or what lactic acid actually is but we’d need a few more pages! But does it work? Well after testing CurraNZ out I can say my legs definitely felt better when racing and training at and around the point where my body would normally no longer be able to clear lactate quicker than it being produced. However for me to say that it was definitely due to CurraNZ and not just an adaptation to the training I was doing I would need to test them for at least a year using lactate threshold testing. But in an endurance sport where even a placebo can be a benefit I’ll take that!

Another of the major benefits that CurraNZ may give you is a reduced recovery time between hard sessions and races. Again if you’re subjecting yourself to lots of intense training then recovery is key to ensuring that you are able to repeatedly overload your body, forcing it to adapt and then grow stronger. If you aren’t recovering quick enough then you’ll struggle to see improvements. What did I think? I do like it, I think it’s really difficult to distinguish between training gains and nutritional gains and if I had the time plus support I’d certainly be interested in a much longer study to see the affects over more of a yearly cycle of training, although I’m sure this has already been done. My legs and body were able to recover well, felt good and my performance in key events was also where I wanted it to be. Win!

I spent a week in Italy and took CurraNZ with me. I can say based on my experience from the year before that I was recovering quicker but again there wasn’t enough similarity between the rides in the two weeks for this to be a definitive benefit from taking the berries. I still rate it though!

If you’re like me and you’re always on the lookout for a natural way to boost performance or make training that bit easier then why not give CurraNZ a try. I’m all about harnessing the power of nature and this product really fits the bill. The best news is that by entering the code “CRNZPB” at the checkout on their website,, you can try CurraNZ with a 15% discount!

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