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As Facebook’s number one recommended coaching team, I know you will improve with a DPC coach. I am so confident I am willing to offer you a guarantee that, if you don’t, I will pay you £100.00 (or the equivalent in your local currency)!

So, ready to see some gains?

If you’ve not used the Cycling Potential Analyser, click the button below to start, it only takes 5 minutes.



To protect us both, here are some simple terms that apply to this guarantee:

1. You must have completed the survey as honestly as possible. If there’s a chance you made a mistake, please retake the survey.

2. You must follow the advice of your coach at all times. Because if you don’t listen, you won’t see the gains 😉

3. You must commit to a minimum of six months 1:1 coaching. We would expect to see you improve quicker, but, this is a realistic time frame.

If you follow these terms and don’t see the stated improvement at the end of the survey, we will send you £100.00. No strings attached, money in your pocket!

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