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Natural Sports Recovery… Sounds good but what is it? Well it’s the unique selling point behind Cherry Active. I’m going to be honest, until it was recommended to me by a client I’d never heard of them. But after receiving a generous shipment of the product, plus some much appreciated extras, I was intrigued to say the least!


It’s exactly how it sounds, a recovery product made from 100% natural concentration of Montmorency Cherries, again never heard of those either! These cherries are anti-oxidant rich meaning they fight the free radicals produced by your body when it consumes oxygen, something the brochure I was sent refers to as the bodies “exhaust fumes”, quite like that! The science behind Cherry Active compares the antioxidant levels to the same as around 20 average fruit and vegetable portions, so quite a lot then.


But there’s more to this product than anti-oxidants. One of the points raised in this and in some of the media coverage around this brand is that it helps regulate sleep patterns, not something I suffer with but a common complaint among my clients. It helps protect your immune system from infections and viruses, plus it actually tastes really good too!


I’ve strayed from the point slightly, and that is what makes it a good recovery product. In the brochure they sent it shows that there was a substantial increase in both muscle recovery and a reduction in muscle soreness versus a placebo group. If I had to pick at anything it would be that I’d like to see the testing done against other recovery products. These tests obviously show that Cherry Active is good for recovery but how does it stack up against its competitors?


There’s been a lot of good testimonials and press coverage about this too, that somehow I’ve missed! The good cheers come from a range of top level elite athletes and body builders, and the press coverage from all the top magazines.


But enough about what I’ve been told or read about it what did I think from my own testing? Well I’ve already covered taste, its great! It shouldn’t play a part in my opinion but it’s something that has worried me since testing out the benefits of beetroot and nitrates! Recovery wise I actually really like it. I have tried a lot of different products and have recently finished my latest bag of recovery protein. Using this product my legs feel better, not that they were feeling too bad previously, but given my training has remained constant and not increased in intensity my legs feel far better the day after using Cherry Active than they did my previous product. I wasn’t using anything cheap either, in fact compared with price my previous blend was about 4 times dearer!


I’m a massive fan of anything natural too so it only gets better for me. I’ll definitely be continuing to use Cherry Active and my advice would be for you to try it too!

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