How to Get the Most from Training Camps…

Training camps can be valuable in the search for an extra boost in fitness. However, they’re not always factored into training as efficiently as they should be. Let me explain with some reasoning from the perspective of two different cyclists.   Firstly, you have the time constricted cyclist, who has a full-time job, with a [...]

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Terminology; Cycling Performance

With my many years as a professional coach I’ve seen quite a few different terms meaning the same thing. Typically, the big differences come between English and American’s, why can’t we just speak the same language...? Anyway, this gives me an excellent opportunity to dive in and translate the situation. Here are my main offenders, [...]

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Four Small Changes Equaling Big Results…

I was asked by Cycling Plus magazine to provide four tips for 'Small Changes equaling Big Results' a topic which I throughly enjoyed contributing towards! But, in case you're not a regular reader of the magazine I've added them below.   Ride Technique: Video yourself! An odd one perhaps and it might (probably [...]

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How to be your own Coach…

Because, why wouldn't I help you make people like me redundant...! In this article I’m going to coach you through how to make the most of self-training and turn you into your own Coach! Why not start by checking out my webinar on Training:   How to Setup your Training Plan... Because you [...]

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The Pav Bryan Ultimate “A” Event Guide

You’ve done months of training, worked really hard and sacrificed a lot – the few weeks/days before your event is not the time to ruin it. Here are my eight-key points to ensuring you have a successful day: Training: A coach is invaluable here but it is unlikely you will see any significant gains 2-3 [...]

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Getting into Time Trialling 

Arguably the oldest form of racing on our British roads and one of the most accessible, time trialling was born in 1895 long before road racing was made legal. Still a popular discipline amongst road cyclists at all levels, as well stages in UCI World Tours, it’s a great way to get into competitive road [...]

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Getting into Triathlon 

Triathlon is on the rise. If you’re a cyclist, the multi-sport offers a range of benefits to compliment your training and, for longest part of the race, you’ll be sat on your bike so you’ve got a head start! But why should you get into triathlon, and where do you begin? Sometimes, triathlon gets bit of [...]

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What to do during lower base or easier rides…

Depending on your targets you might be doing some longer, steadier, easier and sometimes more boring rides, commonly known as base miles. But what can you do on these rides? I'm not an advocate of anything that distracts you from the road so no in ear music. But there is still numerous things [...]

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Think you don’t have time to train because it’s winter? Think again with these 5 top tips to get you riding.

Winter riding can feel like a bit of a slog, but put the miles in over the chilly months and come the summer you’ll be ahead of the pack. Here are some top tips to help. 1. Zero tolerance to excuses Let’s get the tough one out of the way first! Finding reasons to get [...]

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