Cycling Holiday Checklist

What will you forget next time you go on holiday? Bike Bits: • Bike (Unless Hiring One) • Pedals • Di2 Battery (Charged) • Pump • Tools • Wheels, Tyres, Tubes • Cleaning Products & Towel • Garmin & Lead • Bottles Cycling Wear: • Jerseys • Shorts • Jacket • Gilet • Arm/Leg Warmers [...]

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Top 10 Racing Considerations

I've compiled a list of factors you might want to consider when planning for your next event. This list does not include training and racing. You might think you’re on top of all of these but when was the last time you actually gave any some thought? 1. Hydration – shorter distances you should be lasting without hydrating [...]

How to Recover…

The ability to continue to train repeatedly without sickness or injury comes down to a few factors, but mainly this might be how well your body recovers. If you finish a hard ride, set of intervals, race or even endurance ride and simply stop you might not giving your body the best chance to repair [...]

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How to Select the Correct Gear…

Most people understand what cadence is but for those unsure cadence is simply the amount of times your legs spin per minute, pedalling rate or rpm. Cadence can be affected by climbing, descending, accelerating, stopping and so on. Gear selection also dictates your speed and cadence so getting in the right gear is crucial to [...]

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