Bike Technology Setup Guide – By Aron Landy

We have all been there, faced with having to get data from multiple sensors, via multiple cycling computers and onto multiple monitoring platforms. Thankfully, client Aron Landy, has produced this excellent guide to help you out!


Pre-Coached starting point

I have a Garmin Edge 1000 and a Tacx Neo trainer; when riding on the trainer I use Zwift. I […]

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How to be your own Directeur Sportif…

Because you’ve done all the hard work, months of training and planning, why the heck would you throw it away at the last hurdle!

In this article I’m going to show you how you can be your own Directeur Sportif!

Why not start by watching my 20-minute Tactics Webinar:


How to Warm-Up…

Before we get to the day before your […]

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Four Small Changes Equaling Big Results…

I was asked by Cycling Plus magazine to provide four tips for ‘Small Changes equaling Big Results’ a topic which I throughly enjoyed contributing towards! But, in case you’re not a regular reader of the magazine I’ve added them below.


Ride Technique:

Video yourself! An odd one perhaps and it might (probably will!) require a friend to […]

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Top 10 Things NOT To Do The Day Before You Target Event…

A recent failed A event from a good friend and client prompted me to write this. Some of them might seem like common sense but it’s easy to make the mistake of doing something stupid the day before your big event. Here’s my top 10 things NOT to do the day before your target event:




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Ultimate Recovery Guide…

All your hard work in training is for nothing if you don’t allow your body to recover and adapt to it. Recovery is the most fundamental point of your schedule. Some people say that without it you’re over-training but I prefer the term under-recovering.


You finish your session or race what do you do? Ideally you […]

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How to Ride in Heat…

Summer is here, you’ve been waiting all winter for the weather to get nice, for it to stop raining, for the wind to ease up a bit and all of a sudden it’s gotten too hot, your kids are off school and it’s time for the family holiday. All your winter training is at risk, […]

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How to Draft…



The above videos show how to successfully lead, follow and change position in a group crucial for bridging a gap, breaking away, conserving energy and in team time trial.

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Top 10 Winter Riding Tips

As it gets colder there is an increase of illness or injury. Here are my top ten tips for riding in the cold, feel free to message me if you think I’ve missed any:

Layers. Put multiple layers on, will keep you warmer and will give you an option to take off should you overheat

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Benefits of Joining a Club

I’m not sure there is a professional rider, or even half decent amateur, who isn’t a member of their local bike club. For some people when they come into a new sport they understand that a club is a great place to not just further their ability or performance but to make new friends and […]

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Cycling Holiday Checklist

What will you forget next time you go on holiday?

Bike Bits:
• Bike (Unless Hiring One)
• Pedals
• Di2 Battery (Charged)
• Pump
• Tools
• Wheels, Tyres, Tubes
• Cleaning Products & Towel
• Garmin & Lead
• Bottles

Cycling Wear:
• Jerseys
• Shorts
• Jacket
• Gilet
• Arm/Leg Warmers
• Socks
• Head-wear
• Sunglasses
• Helmet
• Gloves
• Shoes
• Shoe Covers
• Compression Wear
• Heart Rate Monitor
• Nasal Strips

Normal Wear:

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