Top 5 Holiday Weight Savers!

As we approach the holiday time of year, diets get thrown out the window and people switch to damage limitation mode! It’s entirely inevitable and even the best of us will be drawn into a feeding frenzy of processed foods, refined sugar and other poor dietary choices! So if you’re unable to remain a perfect [...]

Do You Get Your 5-A-Day?

One of a number of problems with government guidelines on health and nutrition is the 5-a-day guidance we’ve had for a long time now. In my opinion, all this has done is convince people that if they eat 5 portions of fruit or vegetables per day they will be healthy. I know enough people who [...]

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I've been trying very hard since resuming my training following my end of season rest to lose a couple extra kilograms or more specifically some body fat. I've tried a few things but regardless I still struggled to make any major progress. That was until I gave up bread. As you can imagine if you [...]

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How to Lose Weight Not Power…

The quickest way to make substantial gains in cycling is to reduce weight. You can spend over ten grand on a light weight road bike and save barely a couple of kilograms but you can probably cut multiples of this by cutting your body weight. Take me, I used to be 75 kilograms with body [...]


The subject of my last post was “Bread” or more specifically what happened when I gave it up. The results were that I lost a fair bit of weight, felt better and still performed well. However, this led me to think more about why bread might actually do that. Sure it’s not very healthy, it’s [...]

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