How to train your mind to be stronger

Cycling is just as much about mental strength as physical — and, many argue, even more so. Your abilities to push yourself and withstand pain will propel you to the next level; and, if you learn to do this effectively, the rewards can be great; your self-confidence will sky-rocket along with physical fitness. It’s no [...]

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Attitude and Preparation

I hear it all the time "I train right, I eat right, why can't I get any faster?", well if this is you too hopefully this'll help. It is estimated that your growth in performance is only partly due to the training you do. Nutritionists might say that it could be 30% training and 70% [...]

You Know You’re A Cyclist If…

I’ve seen versions of this before but thought I’d do my own. I’m sure there might be some cross-over but not intentional. You know you’re a cyclist if… 1.       Your cycling shoes are your most expensive pair of footwear 2.       Your bike is worth more than your car (can be cumulative if you [...]

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