How to be your own Sports Psychologist…

If you’ve read some of the other chapters you’ll know that in my coaching philosophy, training is only accountable for around 15% of the gains you will see in cycling. Nutrition accounting for around 35%, with mentality making up the other 50%. Even if I’m out fractionally you can see that all your hard work […]

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Top 10 Foods to Improve Mental Wellbeing…

Here is my all time top 10 foods which might help improve your mental wellbeing:

1/ Fatty fish such as salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel provide the brain with healthy fats. Particularly the much talked about omega-3 fatty acids, which might build brain cell membranes, reduce brain inflammation, and promote new brain cell formation, crucial for positive […]

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Top 5 Tips to Maintaining Good Mental Health While Training…

Training is hard. Not just on your body but on your mind too. Here’s my top 5 tips, which might help you protect your mind while training:


Recognizing that fatigue will affect your mind as much as your body. If you are going to push your body hard your mind will need to be strong. […]

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Top 10 Tips to Better Mental Health…

Have you, or do you know of anyone who has suffered with mental health problems? I’m willing to bet yes. Here’s my top 10 tips to better mental health, from a professional coach and sufferer of Bipolar Affective Disorder.



Understanding that you are human and not ‘bullet-proof’, we all face challenges and this might include […]

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Pav’s Story…


Ever since I was a child I had issues with my behavior and mood. As I entered into my teens this started presenting itself as intense anxiety, with regular panic attacks and outbursts of violent behavior. I had no idea that what I was feeling wasn’t normal.

To escape this negative pattern, I started experimenting with […]

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How to Train Your Brain…


Traditional coaching has sometimes missed or glossed over how to train your brain. It’s been something that has been used successfully in professional sports for many years and I feel it might be the next big change in the way amateur coaches treat clients. No more blanket “tough love” approach to talking to people, some […]

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Motivation and PMA…

The law of attraction… the more positively you think, the more positivity you experience life. Even if you’re not a fan of this philosophy, would it hurt to give it a go?


I love applying this to cycling! Here are my top four methods to achieving your cycling dreams simply by having a positive mental attitude!



What songs can you […]

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How to train your mind to be stronger

Cycling is just as much about mental strength as physical — and, many argue, even more so. Your abilities to push yourself and withstand pain will propel you to the next level; and, if you learn to do this effectively, the rewards can be great; your self-confidence will sky-rocket along with physical fitness.

It’s no secret that pain […]

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How to Stay Motivated…

Doing exercise of any kind is important to maintaining health. We all have our favorite workout routine, but most of us feel the lack of motivation for doing so. Exercise is hard especially if you have the main purpose for doing so such as weight loss. We all need to keep motivated to be able […]

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Attitude and Preparation

I hear it all the time “I train right, I eat right, why can’t I get any faster?”, well if this is you too hopefully this’ll help.

It is estimated that your growth in performance is only partly due to the training you do. Nutritionists might say that it could be 30% training and 70% diet. […]