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Beet-It Shots

Beetroot has been given quite the hero status around the endurance world recently. It has been linked heavily with increased stamina and blood flow, the reason for this being the vegetables high nitrate levels. What this has shown to do is improve muscle oxygenation during exercise, this basically means you get more oxygen to your [...]

LA Muscle Fat Stripper Pills

I've written about weight loss aids before. And my position on them hasn’t changed... Placebo at best... and LA Muscle’s Fat Stripper pills have done little to make me rethink my stance on them.   The contents on list here are different to that of its competitors for a start there’s no caffeine in them, [...]

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Powerbar 5 Electrolytes

I suffered the agonising pain of cramp during events for far too long before making small changes in my hydrating regime that have almost changed my cycling life completely. Maybe an exaggeration but such was the pain I suffered that once I found the simple cure that involves dropping a tablet into a glass of [...]

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ISM Adamo Saddle

I've written about this before but I suffer in the saddle. I’m not talking about climbing, racing, trialing and so on, I’m talking about saddle discomfort. There’s something about almost every saddle I've tried that leaves me with some pain, numbness and general discomfort… until now. It took me a while to try one of [...]

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Erdinger Alkoholfrei

I don't drink... That is alcohol anyway! The standard reasons I avoid it apply: it is addictive and I come from a family littered with alcoholics. It impairs judgment; that dodgy kebab becomes almost irresistible while under the effects of booze. And it can have disastrous effects on mental health after prolonged exposure. I'm also [...]

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RLt Saddle from RIDO

If, like me, you are no stranger to discomfort after a prolonged period perched on your faithful steed then you will have probably tried a wide and varied range of saddles in an often unforgiving attempt to distance yourself from the common problems of ill-fitting saddles. Whether you have suffered from pain, numbness or a [...]

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Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors are used for various reason; to monitor periods of exertion, to calculate calories burned, to set training zones (see Review Two on my opinion on why Power is better!), and more. So getting one that works is important. I use mine to gather information on exertion and calorie burn, and I’ve used [...]

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