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Sports Therapy

Paige Wise from Sports Therapy Wise gives us a brief look at whether cyclists would benefit from Sports Therapy Treatment

Would a cycling athlete benefit from Sports Therapy treatment? The answer is YES!

What is Sports Therapy?

As stated by the ‘Society of Sports Therapists’: Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the […]

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You may have seen CurraNZ on a Channel 4 documentary recently but the powder capsules made from concentrated New Zealand blackcurrants are making headlines for helping athletes train harder for longer, recover quicker and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m not going to go too far into the how and why they work but more about […]

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Pav Bryan Cycling Kit

Need new kit? Why not get your hands on the new Pav Bryan kit?

For a limited time only you can get the Jersey & matching Bib Shorts for only £100.00!

Stock is limited but more can be ordered with a lead time of about 2-3 weeks.

Contact me on for more info and a size guide

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TU Wheels

One of the type of events I did well at last year was the Hill Climbs (HC). Despite being one of the largest, heaviest riders and riding my Boardman AiR 9.8 with Zipp 404 wheels (not the greatest HC setup!) I still managed 5th in the East Sussex CA HC. This got me thinking what […]

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Handsome Bicycles Bike Fit

A bike fit is only as good as the fitter themselves… Very wise words. You can use all the gadgetry, cameras, jigs, and LEDs you like but if it’s interpreted incorrectly you might as well be throwing numbers in the air. Thankfully Rowan at Handsome Bicycles in Hastings is a competent fitter and when he […]

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Totally Fuelled

What’s the most frustrating part of trying a new nutritional or energy product? For me it’s got to be risking buying a case on the chance that you might not like it. You either had to just go for it and take a chance or try to find it in a shop, harder than it […]

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Cherry Active

Natural Sports Recovery… Sounds good but what is it? Well it’s the unique selling point behind Cherry Active. I’m going to be honest, until it was recommended to me by a client I’d never heard of them. But after receiving a generous shipment of the product, plus some much appreciated extras, I was intrigued to […]

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Turbine by Rhinomed

You may have seen Chris Froome sporting one of these during La Vuelta this year but here is the next generation of breathing aid; the Turbine from Rhinomed. I have personally been a fan of breathing aids for years. I have used the strips that force open your nose by gripping either side of the […]

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My Fitness Pal

I recently upgraded my phone from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6, no comments about this please! I have no experience of Android so I’m not sure if it’s the same faff trying to transfer all your stuff from one phone to another but with Apple it really can be, particularly when you’ve had a new […]

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Beet-It Bars

As a fan of Beet-It Shots I was very happy when I got the chance to try out a product that combines the benefits of beetroot with the appeal of a bar that can be used as part of a fueling strategy for a race. Not that it’s ever happened but I’m always very careful […]

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