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Four Small Changes Equaling Big Results…

I was asked by Cycling Plus magazine to provide four tips for 'Small Changes equaling Big Results' a topic which I throughly enjoyed contributing towards! But, in case you're not a regular reader of the magazine I've added them below.   Ride Technique: Video yourself! An odd one perhaps and it might (probably [...]

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The Pros and Cons of a High ‘Healthy’ Fat Diet Among Cyclists…

The pros and cons of a high ‘healthy’ fat diet among cyclists… Another nutritional topic which is a complete disaster to try to figure out on your own. Many research papers and results pointing in opposite directions, with some very confusing but well-founded theories on what is best practise. Here’s my take on [...]

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How to Tell the Difference Between a Real and Fad Diet…

It’s a mine field out there! Many diets offering many promises, so how do you tell which ones’ work and which ones don’t? Here’s my checklist that should help you sort the good ones from the bad! 1. Promises of quick gains Firstly, the old saying ‘if it sounds too good to be [...]

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Ambassador Programme

Thanks for showing an interest in our Ambassador Programme. Here's what you can expect to receive if you apply and are successful: Referral code to get 25% off coaching or 10% cash back on all one time sales and the first month of any package Free Training plans from our TrainingPeaks store Free access to [...]

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The Pav Bryan Ultimate “A” Event Guide

You’ve done months of training, worked really hard and sacrificed a lot – the few weeks/days before your event is not the time to ruin it. Here are my eight-key points to ensuring you have a successful day: Training: A coach is invaluable here but it is unlikely you will see any significant gains 2-3 [...]

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Getting into Time Trialling 

Arguably the oldest form of racing on our British roads and one of the most accessible, time trialling was born in 1895 long before road racing was made legal. Still a popular discipline amongst road cyclists at all levels, as well stages in UCI World Tours, it’s a great way to get into competitive road [...]

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How to Train Your Brain…

  Traditional coaching has sometimes missed or glossed over how to train your brain. It’s been something that has been used successfully in professional sports for many years and I feel it might be the next big change in the way amateur coaches treat clients. No more blanket “tough love” approach to talking [...]

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