I’ve been trying very hard since resuming my training following my end of season rest to lose a couple extra kilograms or more specifically some body fat. I’ve tried a few things but regardless I still struggled to make any major progress. That was until I gave up bread. As you can imagine if you gave up bread yourself; the world in fact came to an end as we know it, everyone fell victim to some sort of plague and the last few of us that remain fight it out in a post-apocalyptic world where the leader is in fact Mr Warburton…


As you’ve probably heard bread isn’t very good for you. It’s processed white flour that is far from the healthy grains it once was. Sure you can get healthier wholemeal bread but read the label as its unlikely going to be 100% wholegrain, and if it is it’ll probably be just the flour that is 100% wholegrain and there will be other added ingredients which will make this unnatural, unhealthy and just plain bad for you.


I thought I had chosen wisely with my bread. I always brought “fresh” baked, that is to say it is literally fresh baked not fresh prepared. I brought from somewhere where I could find out the ingredients, as small bakers will probably be quite reluctant to reveal their sources or quality ingredients or quantity of salt and so on. Sliced packaged loafs provide a simple solution but do contain other additives and well they don’t taste as nice, which is the point of bread!


But the results speak for themselves… I feel better! Much like when I gave up almost all other processed foods my general mood and well being are much more positive. It certainly isn’t some sort of placebo effect as I really do miss bread! Luckily however unhealthy it remains it’s not the worst thing to eat post ride, quick energy to replace tried muscles is all good. Sadly though when you’ve not been training you will likely store it as fat.


My weight. Well in the first 3 days of dropping bread from my diet I shifted a kilogram of body weight (per day!) as well as dropping a percent body fat overall. Some people may say that’s a lot to lose in 3 days and you’d be right but I monitored it carefully, eating the right amount of calories for my activity levels and painstakingly gauging my performance levels to ensure I wasn’t simply losing muscle. The fact is I shifted what was mainly fat. The best thing is: I’ve kept it off!


My performance. As I mention above I regularly check my performance levels to ensure my training and nutrition is heading me in the right direction and during this trial I actually gained on most performance measures. The tricky part is working out where the gains came from as I have been training and this could be the culprit. However that said I have lost weight, feel better and my performance has improved. If you don’t class that as a win you’re very hard to please!


The burning question I suppose is what did I replace it with? Well simply; porridge in the morning and pretty much anything natural for lunch. Porridge is great but I used to hate it! I guess I’ve got used to it. I like to make mine with whole milk and protein shake. I know protein shake is hardly natural but if you pick a quality one then you won’t go too wrong. I use 60 grams of porridge to 300 milliliters of milk. None of this small portion, reduced fat milk nonsense! Get a good start on your day with a large hit of slow digesting carbohydrates with a healthy hit of fat and some protein to top it off! Try this out if it doesn’t work you’re doing it wrong!

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