1311, 2017

How to be your own Directeur Sportif…

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Because you’ve done all the hard work, months of training and planning, why the heck would you throw it away at the last hurdle!

In this article I’m going to show you how you can be your own Directeur Sportif!

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How to Warm-Up…

Before we get to the day before your […]

311, 2017

How to be your own Sports Psychologist…

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If you’ve read some of the other chapters you’ll know that in my coaching philosophy, training is only accountable for around 15% of the gains you will see in cycling. Nutrition accounting for around 35%, with mentality making up the other 50%. Even if I’m out fractionally you can see that all your hard work […]

510, 2017

How to be your own Coach…

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Because, why wouldn’t I help you make people like me redundant…!

In this article I’m going to coach you through how to make the most of self-training and turn you into your own Coach!

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How to Setup your Training Plan…

Because you have to start at the beginning! Preparation […]

2509, 2017

How to be your own Nutritionist…

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In my coaching philosophy, training is only accountable for around 15% of the gains you will see in cycling. Mentality, another subject entirely, accounts for around 50%, with nutrition making up the other 35%. Even if I’m out fractionally you can see that all your hard work training is worth far less than the time […]

2405, 2018

How To Pace For A Successful Sportive

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Inspired by the Italian Gran Fondo which is historically at least 120km long, there’s no doubt that sportives are a test of endurance – regardless of whether you’re seeing yours as a social ride or a test. If you’re getting ready for a sportive this summer, the chances are you’ve spent some time in the […]

3004, 2018

For Cycling Performance, Get Serious About Relaxation

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From Eddy Merckx to Chris Froome, the legends of cycling are hardly known for their down time. But the professionals get to focus on two things: riding their bike, and rest from riding it. For the rest of us, training is a juggling act alongside jobs, families and paying bills; making it all the more […]

2004, 2018

7 Kit Tips For Your First Sportive

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If you’re building up to your first sportive then being prepared with the right kit will help you go faster, stay comfortable and look good too.


While most of us learned to ride a bike as a child, getting into road cycling as an adult can feel like learning all over again, and sportives – […]

1704, 2018

Choosing The Right Clothing For Your Spring/Summer Sportive

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Sportive kit tips keep you protected and focused on the important stuff – like KOMs, QOMs and peanut butter sandwiches – whatever the weather.


As summer approaches, the cycling calendar is jam-packed with sportives to get stuck into. If you’ve signed up to a mass cycling event, you’ve likely already got the basics down: your favourite […]

2903, 2018

Hot Weather Training Package

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Think of a time you have been for a ride in heat, maybe this was a trip abroad or a sudden change in temperature at home, maybe this was even your target event. Did you perform as well at that temperature as you had been while training? Were there any issues with hydrating or keeping […]

1803, 2018

5 Ways To Stay Goal-Focused

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Most of us simply wouldn’t be human if we didn’t experience a lack of focus on our goals from time to time. As we emerge from the off-season into race season, goals were likely set months ago for the year ahead. Because of this, if you’re steadily ticking along through your plan, now is the […]

1203, 2018

Sleep Your Way To Success

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While great leaders of the world (and some, not so great!) have worn their lack of a need to sleep like a badge of honor, the truth is – we all need adequate, regular sleep to be our best selves. And if you’re looking to excel on the bike, you should be approaching sleep as […]

3101, 2018

How to Get the Most from Training Camps…

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Training camps can be valuable in the search for an extra boost in fitness. However, they’re not always factored into training as efficiently as they should be. Let me explain with some reasoning from the perspective of two different cyclists.


Firstly, you have the time constricted cyclist, who has a full-time job, with a family to […]

3101, 2018

Terminology; Cycling Performance

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With my many years as a professional coach I’ve seen quite a few different terms meaning the same thing. Typically, the big differences come between English and American’s, why can’t we just speak the same language…? Anyway, this gives me an excellent opportunity to dive in and translate the situation. Here are my main offenders, […]

1001, 2018

Bike Technology Setup Guide – By Aron Landy

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We have all been there, faced with having to get data from multiple sensors, via multiple cycling computers and onto multiple monitoring platforms. Thankfully, client Aron Landy, has produced this excellent guide to help you out!


Pre-Coached starting point

I have a Garmin Edge 1000 and a Tacx Neo trainer; when riding on the trainer I use Zwift. I […]