We have all been there, faced with having to get data from multiple sensors, via multiple cycling computers and onto multiple monitoring platforms. Thankfully, client Aron Landy, has produced this excellent guide to help you out!


Pre-Coached starting point

I have a Garmin Edge 1000 and a Tacx Neo trainer; when riding on the trainer I use Zwift. I use Strava to collate all my rides and stats, for 2 reasons:

a) the mapping tools in Garmin are not as good (especially for visualising the hills), so when planning routes I use Strava

b) Strava community is very motivating and supportive

My tech setup is like this: I have installed Garmin Express on my Mac, that’s how I originally set up myEdge 1000 and how I refresh the maps on the Edge and some of the device software from time to time.

Garmin Express makes it easy to update maps and software, transfer favourites to and from devices, and install free custom vehicles and voices. It continually checks for available map updates and automatically downloads them to your computer. https://www.garmin.com/en-GB/software

I upload all my Garmin rides to the Garmin Connect website. I’ve set things up so this happens automatically over wifi as soon as I finish a ride.

Garmin Connect is a community-based website for runners, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who track their activities with Garmin devices. Upload, store, analyze, map and share activities online. https://www.garmin.com/en-GB/software

I have linked Garmin to Strava so that the rides also get automatically uploaded to Strava. This requires both Garmin Express and Garmin Connect. https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216918057-Syncing-with-Garmin

When I ride on the Tacx trainer I don’t bother with the Garmin Edge, I just use Zwift to record the ride. I have linked Zwift to Strava so the rides get uploaded to Strava. https://my.zwift.com/profile/connections

This way I get all my rides automatically uploaded to Strava, whether they are recorded on the Edge or on Zwift.

New stuff needed for coaching setup

My coach set me up with an account on Training Peaks.

What is needed now?

• Automatic upload all new rides recorded on my Garmin Edge to TP

• Automatic upload all Zwift rides to TP

• Have the TP workout of the day automatically appear in Zwift and on my Garmin Edge

There are two new challenges here: getting my rides uploaded to TP, and getting the TP workouts to show up on Zwift and on the Garmin device. Data flow is now two-way because it has to flow back to Zwift and the Edge device. I found that it’s not possible to link Strava to TP, so I needed to find a way to integrate TP, Garmin Edge, Garmin Connect and Zwift to all work smoothly together.

I did the following.

Link Garmin Connect to TP using the “autosynch” option which means that all my Garmin rides get uploaded to TP. https://help.trainingpeaks.com/hc/en-us/articles/204070854-Garmin-Connect-AutoSync

Link Zwift to both Garmin Connect and TP from the Zwift website. (The ability to link Zwift to Garmin is a relatively new feature on Zwift.) https://my.zwift.com/profile/connections

Finally I linked my Garmin Edge to TP. This was more complicated.

1. First I needed link my Edge with my phone, using Bluetooth.  https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/edge810/EN-US/GUID-488C424C-6097-40D0-8BB9-3B24FB1A7938.html

2. Then I installed the Garmin Connect Mobile app on my phone (from Google Play/App Store).

The Garmin Connect Mobile app allows you to upload data from your compatible device directly to Garmin Connect. You can also use this app to send software updates, courses, and workouts right to your device.

3. I also installed the TP app on my phone (and logged in)

4. Finally I installed the TP app on my Edge (using Garmin Express) https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/apps/4b834c4a-96a9-422a-a945-08cea2ee571d

With all of these steps, the Edge gets connected to TP via my phone and that’s how it can get access to TP workouts – which appear in the workouts section in the Edge.

Here’s a longer writeup of how the link between a Garmin device and a TP account works. https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2017/03/trainingpeaks-newstructured-workout-integration-with-garmin-wearables.html