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As a fan of Beet-It Shots I was very happy when I got the chance to try out a product that combines the benefits of beetroot with the appeal of a bar that can be used as part of a fueling strategy for a race. Not that it’s ever happened but I’m always very careful when moving, carrying or drinking Beet-It shots just in case I have a red stain accident. Flapjacks are great on the go, carry one as a back-up in case of hunger surges, and now you can have one that boosts blood nitrates which in turn allows muscles to work more effectively with more oxygen. Surely this can only be a win?


I’m not sure why I was expecting anything else but I was very shocked to see the vibrant red colouring of the bar when I opened the package. The smell was, unsurprisingly, of very mild beetroot. Something I’ve been very open with is that I do not like the taste of the shots version. Despite liking beetroot I guess something’s don’t taste the same juiced. I was therefore rather nervous about trying the bar. Not being a fan of trying something new before a race I had decided that I would do a taste test one evening before going for a training ride. The consistency of the bar was promising, the crumbly nature of the bar suggest they haven’t loaded full of sugar. Again, this is all looking very promising.


At first my worries about the taste were proved right. It was almost like oats soaked in beetroot, which I guess in some respects it is, but it’s not overly attractive. However the more I ate of it the more pleasant the taste experience. There is a small amount of sugar in the bar, this sweetness really helps make the bar more palatable. The bar is a tasty step in the right direction. Not that taste should influence your nutritional decisions…


One thing I really like about these bars is the list of ingredients or more specifically the fact there is only seven in total. In general, the smaller the list of ingredients the more quality and natural the end result. Ingredients are listed in order of quantity so I’m very happy to read that the top two are the two main ones; oat flakes and beetroot concentrate, which make up a combined 77% of the bar – check your usual flapjack I doubt it boasts this impressive line-up. There is some sugar in it, it’s not specific as to how much but from the nutritional info it isn’t more than 21.2% in total (which will include natural sugars in the other contents). The ingredients list is really an impressive feat of culinary engineering.


When I tested the shots version I set a lot of PBs and even won a couple of key events. With only a few events left this season I was limited to when to test it. On my club 25 mile time trial championships I did set a PB by nearly a minute and that was in some very hard conditions, on a better day it would have been an absolute hammering of my best 25 mile time. Sadly this wasn’t enough the event, not that this is Beet-Its fault! Probably more of the 269 miles I’d ridden on the 12 hour time trial the fortnight before, something I had struggled to recover from!


This bar fits in with my morning ritual while getting ready for a time trial. It is very convenient and although I’m still not entirely convinced with the taste but I am getting used to it. I’m not a massive eater of flapjacks but if I was I’d definitely consider this one as my go to bar. I’m not sure whether I will use this over the shots I think a bit more testing is required next season. But one thing for sure, I will be using one of the two.

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