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Ambassador Programme

Thanks for showing an interest in our Ambassador Programme.

Here’s what you can expect to receive if you apply and are successful:

Referral code to get 25% off coaching or 10% cash back on all one time sales and the first month of any package
Free Training plans from our TrainingPeaks store
Free access to our […]

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The Pav Bryan Ultimate “A” Event Guide

You’ve done months of training, worked really hard and sacrificed a lot – the few weeks/days before your event is not the time to ruin it. Here are my eight-key points to ensuring you have a successful day:

Training: A coach is invaluable here but it is unlikely you will see any significant gains 2-3 weeks […]

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My Favourite Cycling Destination

It’s a real close call for me, the climb from sea level to the top of Mount Teide in Tenerife is quite spectacular but as far as best overall experience goes, for me, you can’t beat Santa Barbara, Central Coast California.

You can ride from beach to the mountain top via the infamous Gibraltar Road, […]

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How to Train Your Brain…

Traditional coaching has sometimes missed or glossed over how to train your brain. It’s been something that has been used successfully in professional sports for many years and I feel it might be the next big change in the way amateur coaches treat clients. No more blanket “tough love” approach to talking to people, some […]

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What Is The One Thing I Learnt That Has Transformed My Riding?

A little unexpected perhaps, but it was what I didn’t do, rather than what I did that transformed my riding the most.

In 2006 I was forced to take a break from cycling. At first it was tough to stop, but it enabled me to take a step back and review everything I thought I knew […]

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How to Eat…

Here’s a rough transcript of a Q&A I did recently with some clients, then my response on what they could do to resolve their problems. I thought it would be perfect to turn into an article, so here’s my thoughts on how you should be eating…


Is the best way to lose weight to eat less […]

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Motivation and PMA…

The law of attraction… the more positively you think, the more positivity you experience life. Even if you’re not a fan of this philosophy, would it hurt to give it a go?


I love applying this to cycling! Here are my top four methods to achieving your cycling dreams simply by having a positive mental attitude!



What songs can you […]

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What to do during lower base or easier rides…

Depending on your targets you might be doing some longer, steadier, easier and sometimes more boring rides, commonly known as base miles. But what can you do on these rides? I’m not an advocate of anything that distracts you from the road so no in ear music. But there is still numerous things that you […]

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Ultimate Ride Fuel Guide…

Welcome! This guide should help anyone who is looking to get the most from their rides or training and isn’t sure how to fuel or hydrate for it. For more resources just like this, including recipes, weight management guides and much more take a look at our Nutritionally Fit program!



You should ensure you are always […]

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Wayne’s Blog…

Mid August 2016 I was picked by Pav to be an ambassador for Pav Bryan Coaching, a few weeks later I was then introduced to my dedicated coach Caroline Stewart. My 2016 season was a learning curve as I was from cross country mountain bike racing (last race 1999) back in the day I was […]

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