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Getting into Time Trialling 

Arguably the oldest form of racing on our British roads and one of the most accessible, time trialling was born in 1895 long before road racing was made legal. Still a popular discipline amongst road cyclists at all levels, as well stages in UCI World Tours, it’s a great way to get into competitive road [...]

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Getting into Triathlon 

Triathlon is on the rise. If you’re a cyclist, the multi-sport offers a range of benefits to compliment your training and, for longest part of the race, you’ll be sat on your bike so you’ve got a head start! But why should you get into triathlon, and where do you begin? Sometimes, triathlon gets bit of [...]

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How to Fuel for Performance

Fuelling for training, both on and off the bike, can seem like a dark art. But the truth is, cyclists can get caught up on the detail without truly nailing the basics. When we’re in heavy training, good fuelling isn’t just important in the saddle. We’re in recovery mode for much of the time, so our [...]

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How to train your mind to be stronger

Cycling is just as much about mental strength as physical — and, many argue, even more so. Your abilities to push yourself and withstand pain will propel you to the next level; and, if you learn to do this effectively, the rewards can be great; your self-confidence will sky-rocket along with physical fitness. It’s no [...]

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Think you don’t have time to train because it’s winter? Think again with these 5 top tips to get you riding.

Winter riding can feel like a bit of a slog, but put the miles in over the chilly months and come the summer you’ll be ahead of the pack. Here are some top tips to help. 1. Zero tolerance to excuses Let’s get the tough one out of the way first! Finding reasons to get [...]

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