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Testing Variations

There’s been a lot of talk about the death of the 20-minute test. For a long time, this has been the staple for many athletes to set their Functional Threshold Power (FTP), an indicator of what sort of power output you may be able to hold for a duration around an hour. While this might [...]

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Cross-Training Guide

Cross training can provide many benefits; from building bone density, to targeting muscles not often used in cycling, to simple mental stimulation. For some it is a welcome break from the norm and for others it’s a thankless task. This guide should help shed some light on cross-training, specific to what you end goal is. [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Family:Work:Training Balance

Unless you are a professional cyclist, you’d be forgiven for not making cycling your number one priority. Even if you are pro, you still might not consider your work top on your list! I’ve worked with, and know, many professionals and the ones who now don’t ride for a living say the 10 hours per [...]

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